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Hickory Smoked, Sugar-Free Bacon | Wholesome Dwelling Economist

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Sugar-free, hickory smoked bacon recipe that is a vital product for native farms that supply wholesome, pastured pork to the group. **Please share this recipe along with your native pastured pork farmer!

hickory smoked, sugar-free bacon on wood cutting board

I’ve been shopping for hickory smoked pastured bacon from Peaceable Pastures, a Tennessee household farm, for numerous years.

It’s sugar-free too, which could be very laborious to search out on the subject of regionally produced, pastured pork.

Tragically, this farm suffered a devastating household loss a number of months in the past.

I acquired my final order on March 1, 2024. Sadly, there are not any plans for additional pickups sooner or later 😢

On condition that sugar-free pastured bacon is so laborious to search out regionally, I requested Peaceable Pastures if they might be prepared to share Jenny’s recipe in order that I may give it to native pork producers in my state.

They stated sure! Beneath is the Peaceable Pastures superb recipe for hickory smoked, sugar-free bacon.

It’s the BEST bacon you’ve ever tasted.

I’ve already shared this recipe with the pork farmers in my group. I hope you’ll share it with those in yours too!

We actually want native pork farmers to supply sugar-free bacon because it is just too harmful, for my part, to purchase industrial bacon on the retailer anymore even when natural.

China is shopping for up the industrial pork business in the US (together with farmland), and mRNA injections are already being utilized in pig livestock. (1-3)

To get secure bacon, you merely should purchase it regionally and keep away from any bacon that has handed by means of the Industrialized Meals System.

Is Celery Powder Wholesome?

The recipe under accommodates celery powder, which is a pure supply of nitrites.

Different greens that comprise naturally occurring nitrites are spinach, beetroot, lettuces, cabbages, potatoes, and carrots.

Natural celery powder is much safer than sodium nitrate curing salts generally utilized in industrial variations, which contain a prolonged, advanced, and poisonous manufacturing course of that entails ammonia. (4)

By comparability, celery powder is made by dehydrating complete celery at low temperature. That’s it!

Thus, the “nitrates are nitrates” line from Massive Meals which seeks to confuse shoppers into accepting sodium nitrate as a meals preservative and curing agent as the identical as what’s in greens is a typical half-truth.

It’s strongly harking back to the “MSG is MSG” line trumpeted for many years in search of to conflate artificial MSG added to processed meals with the pure, healthful glutamate in meat, gravy, broth, and inventory.

Whereas some individuals can’t tolerate even the pure nitrates in greens like celery, most individuals can … even these on gut-healing diets like GAPS.

If you happen to can eat celery and different nitrite-rich greens with out points, there’s a good probability you can be high-quality with celery salt as a pure curing seasoning too.

Cooking Sugar-Free Bacon

These tips about cooking sugar-free bacon will show you how to transition to the marginally completely different methodology wanted in contrast with sugared industrial manufacturers.

Trace: Sugar-free bacon tends to stay to the pan and must be flipped a number of occasions through the preliminary cooking course of as it’s heating up.

hickory smoked, sugar-free bacon on wood cutting board

Hickory Smoked, Sugar-free Bacon

Sugar-free, hickory smoked bacon recipe that is a vital product for native farms that supply wholesome, pastured pork to the group.


  1. Mix the celery powder and sea salt collectively to make a dry rub for the fat-rich reduce you’ll use to make the bacon (pork stomach is widespread).

  2. Generously apply the rub everywhere in the floor of the meat, ensuring to coat it evenly.

  3. After generously making use of the rub, place in a vacuum sealed or ziplock bag (with as a lot of the air eliminated as potential) and refrigerate for 10-14 days to naturally remedy it. Flip the bag every day to maneuver the juices by means of. You’ll know that the meat is cured when the outside is dry and you may poke it and it has some resistance.

  4. Take away the pork from the fridge and hickory smoke at 200 °F/ 93 °C for 3 hours or till the interior temperature reaches 160 °F/ 71 °C.

  5. Take away the pork from the smoker promptly and let it relaxation for half-hour or as much as 2 hours on the counter.

  6. Slice the bacon to the specified thickness and prepare dinner some up instantly! Refrigerate what you’ll use inside per week.

  7. Freeze the remaining slices in one-pound packages till prepared to make use of.

Vitamin Info

Hickory Smoked, Sugar-free Bacon

Quantity Per Serving (1 slice)

Energy 30
Energy from Fats 23

% Every day Worth*

Fats 2.5g4%

Saturated Fats 1g5%

Monounsaturated Fats 1g

Sodium 230mg10%

Protein 2g4%

* % Every day Values are primarily based on a 2000 calorie weight loss program.

homemade sugar-free bacon on wood board


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(2) Home Agriculture Committee Testimony 3-20-2024, Governor Kristi L. Noem

(3) How Lengthy Have You Been Consuming mRNA Injected Pork?

(4) Sodium Nitrate Manufacturing Course of: A Nearer Look

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