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What’s Yoga Nidra? Exploring Its Phases and Scientific Advantages

yoga nidra

On the subject of yoga, many individuals consider the standard bends, stretches and meditative poses. Whenever you delve into the true essence of yoga, you’ll find that yoga is way more than simply bodily workouts. Yoga is the artwork of enhancing our every day actions in order that they create most profit.

In our every day lives, everybody wishes a couple of moments of leisure. Everybody longs for some relaxation and sleep. Or can we not?

It’s apparent that sleep affords us many bodily and psychological moments of leisure. However what if I say that this sleep mixed with yoga may also help you’re feeling a special state of consciousness that provides you aid from a wide range of despair and stress?


Sure, you learn that accurately. Yoga includes a sleep approach that takes you to the subsequent degree of bodily and psychological leisure and relieves stress, nervousness and despair. Nonetheless, this method doesn’t require you to twist or stretch your physique. Right here we are going to speak about a yoga sleep approach, specifically Yoga Nidra.

What’s Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, generally often known as yogic sleep, is a observe to expertise a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping states. Right here, the bodily physique rests, however the mind wakes up and displays the bodily physique. In different phrases, yoga nidra is psychological sleep, sleep with full consciousness.

On this yoga observe, one explores pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), the fifth limb of Ashtanga yoga. Right here one turns all 4 senses inward, listening with the ears for directions. Yoga Nidra additionally consists of Pranayama (yogic respiration) and Dharana (focus).

In response to Swami Satyananda, one hour of yoga nidra is equal to 4 hours of regular sleep. In different phrases, after half an hour of Yoga Nidra you’ll really feel as relaxed as after two hours of deep sleep. The principle purpose of Yoga Nidra is to deepen leisure and improve interior consciousness and consciousness.

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Origin & Historical past of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra was first talked about in Upnideshas. Furthermore, its origin will be seen from the traditional Tantrik textual content referred to as Nyasa. In trendy occasions, it was developed and organized by Satyananda Saraswati (who skilled it together with his guru Shivananda Saraswati) within the Sixties. Therefore, it is usually talked about in Mahabharata.

‘The Ocean is the mattress of the lotus-navel Vishnu when on the termination of each Yuga that deity of immeasurable energy enjoys Yoga-Nidra, the deep sleep below the spell of religious meditation.’ — Mahabharata, Ebook 1, part XXI

In historic occasions, Sages observe Yoga Nidra within the path of liberation (Moksha) to get conscious of their Samskaras and purify them.

Phases Of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Stages

There are sometimes 8 phases a practitioner goes by means of when training yoga nidra. These phases are:

1. Preparation

The steps talked about above kind a fundamental a part of preparation. This step is necessary because it encourages you to loosen up utterly and put together your thoughts and physique for the session. 

2.Resolve/Sankalpa: Setting Optimistic Affirmation

Right here resolve means sankalpa or decision or intention. Whenever you enter the unconscious thoughts, you wish to plant a “optimistic seed of resolve”. The resolve is sort of a optimistic affirmation that you just repeat throughout yoga nidra. This straightforward phrase has the ability to maneuver your life in a optimistic path.

It will probably consult with what you want within the present state of affairs of your life, or to one thing you need in the long run.

Examples of easy and optimistic resolutions will be, “I’m completely happy and relaxed”,” “I’m optimistic”,” “I’m assured”,” “I’m forgiving”,” “I’m conscious and conscious,” “I’m religious”,” or “I’m worthy”.”

These brief statements have sufficient energy to form your ideas and emotions to make you’re feeling optimistic, healed, and rejuvenated in your every day life.

Keep in mind that your decision shouldn’t comprise unfavourable phrases resembling “no”, “don’t”, “by no means”, and so forth., as your unconscious thoughts tends to disregard such phrases. For instance, in case your decision is “I cannot drink alcohol”,” your unconscious thoughts is not going to register the phrase “don’t.” This makes your affirmation redundant since your unconscious now appears to know that you just wish to drink alcohol.

No matter decision you make, it ought to be brief, exact, and easy, however optimistic.

One other necessary level is that this decision ought to be maintained over an extended interval for it to be efficient and have an effect in your psyche. Nonetheless, if you cannot make a resolve, don’t fear. Take your time to make your choice.

You may be requested to mentally repeat the decision 3 occasions.

3. Rotation and Consciousness of Physique Components

On this part, the trainer will title part of the physique to which you have to direct the eye of your consciousness or consciousness. That is solely the motion of the psychological consciousness, not the bodily motion of the mentioned physique half.

On this approach, you loosen up your mind exercise by calming the sensory-motor cortex. This can be very efficient in releasing pressure all through the physique as you progressively convey the physique into consciousness. So you should definitely take note of the trainer’s directions.

4. Breath Consciousness

As soon as you might be completed with the rotation of consciousness, flip your consideration to your respiration.

As you proceed to breathe at your pure tempo throughout this part, your consideration can be drawn to the light rising and falling of your stomach, chest, and typically even neck.

You might also be requested to depend the actions in your thoughts. There’s a excessive likelihood that you’ll really feel sleepy, which is pure. If that is so and also you lose observe of counting, merely begin over.

This can loosen up you much more and permit the prana to movement freely by means of the physique.

5. Creation of Reverse Sensation

Throughout this distinctive part of Yoga Nidra, you will have the chance to discover opposing sensations with out judgment. It includes experiencing sensations resembling heaviness and lightness, cold and hot, which lets you activate completely different components of the mind and change between the proper and left hemispheres.

By consciously creating these excessive sensations and stimulating the mind, you promote a state of steadiness and homeostasis. This course of additionally helps to construct new neural pathways as you expertise unfamiliar sensory experiences.

Participating in contrasting emotions and feelings can strengthen willpower, promote emotional steadiness, and domesticate a way of psychological calm. Yoga Nidra observe gives a worthwhile alternative for private development and self-discovery.

6. Visualization : Guided Imagery Expertise

Visualization is a crucial a part of Yoga Nidra, because it promotes self-awareness and reduces psychological stress. On this part, typically referred to as Fast Objects Visualization, the trainer shortly names numerous pictures so that you can visualize behind your closed eyes.

These pictures usually include acquainted on a regular basis objects, folks, or scenes, resembling a tree, the sky, a sundown, the moon, a site visitors mild, a pal, or your room. You might also be requested to think about a flowing river, a gorgeous portray, your favourite flower, or majestic mountains.

Visualizing these parts results in a way of interior peace and tranquility, making a receptive mind-set into which optimistic ideas can effortlessly enter. It enhances the general leisure expertise of Yoga Nidra and permits for a deeper reference to your self.

7. Resolve/Sankalpa

When the yoga nidra observe involves an finish, you’ll be requested once more to repeat the decision you made initially of the observe. Since your thoughts has turn into receptive, it’s a good time to evoke the positivity of the decision and let it sink deep into the unconscious.

Simply as initially, mentally repeat the decision thrice.

8. Externalization 

Simply as you slowly and gently entered the deep state of Yoga Nidra, you will need to keep the identical tempo and rhythm to come back out of the trance-like state.

The yoga teacher will information you to progressively come out of yoga nidra by bringing your consideration again to your respiration and physique, asking you to maneuver your limbs, and slowly changing into conscious of the sounds of the surroundings.

In case you are unable to come back out of Yoga Nidra, you possibly can take your time throughout this part to keep away from any disorientation or confusion.

The way to Carry out Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Information by Yogi Sushant

Yoga Nidra is among the many easiest Yoga practices. Above all, you don’t want to sit down in a Yoga Asana or do any typical stretching. You simply want to put down in your again and loosen up.

Earlier than rolling out your yoga mats, collect all of the directions about Yoga Nidra. It’s higher to have audio directions whether or not from a trainer or an audio machine. Be sure the voice to be clear, comfortable and soothing.

Steps by Steps Information Yoga Nidra

Earlier than going on to the primary course, you might want to put together your self and the environment for the Yoga Nidra. For this, it is best to undergo the next steps.

  • Put together a comfortable foam or yoga mat and a blanket with a comfortable pillow. Ley it on the ground.
  • Put together the environment with incense sticks and candles. Be sure to maintain them in lite quantity. Extreme incenses and candles can destroy your observe.
  • Put on unfastened garments, to get snug with respiration and focus.
  • Make the room calm and silent.
  • Carry out some warm-up workouts resembling Solar salutation (Surya Namaskar).

After doing all these preparations, it’s time to transfer in direction of the Yoga Nidra.

  • Lie down flat, over the mat or foam, in your again. Hold a pillow below your head for higher consolation.
  • Stretch out your arms, in addition to ft, out a bit of in your consolation. Cowl your self with a blanket, solely if you’re snug. Keep in mind to maintain your self cozy.
  • Selected a transparent intention or Sankalpa.
  • Then, shut your eyes easily and take a few deep breaths. This can redirect the movement of prana to your Chitta.
  • Now, repeat the intention/Sankalpa a couple of occasions.
  • Now, begin by bringing your consciousness to the proper foot for a few seconds, and loosen up it on the identical time.
  • Equally, rotate your consciousness all through the entire physique.
  • Visualize your entire physique and its aura. Visualize your self floating.
  • Maintain this course of so long as you possibly can. Ones you might be completed, convey your consciousness again to peculiar, take some deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

You’ll higher perceive the steps by going by means of the phases of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra Precautions

Like each different yoga observe, Yoga Nidra additionally has some precautions that you might want to take for the perfect outcomes. These are the next.

  • Don’t carry out instantly after a meal. This observe consists of leisure, so doing it after taking imply could make sluggish and also you turn into a lot susceptible to go to sleep.
  • Even a bit of pointless noise can distract you in Yoga Nidra. Due to this fact, be certain to observe it in a quiet place.

How Yoga Nidra is Completely different From Meditation

Yoga Nidra and meditation may look related however they don’t seem to be the identical. They’re fairly completely different from one another.

Throughout meditation, you often sit and preserve your backbone straight. You convey your consciousness to your breath and keep conscious and alert. You retain your physique in an asana and so they begin focusing in your interior self.

Then again, in Yoga Nidra, you merely lie on the ground, bringing your consciousness inwards, and transfer into, a hypnagogic state, between awake and asleep state. Right here your physique relaxes freely and doesn’t do any work besides respiration.

In meditation, the primary goal is to ascertain a reference to the interior self. It makes use of one-pointed focus, typically completed by gazing a candle or flame, typically by concentrating on an object within the thoughts. It’s coaching the thoughts on a selected level.

Whereas in Yoga Nidra, the primary goal is the systematic leisure of the physique. It makes use of the thoughts to direct consciousness of all senses of the physique inwards. Right here our bodily physique stays in sleep however the thoughts stays lucid.

How Does Yoga Nidra Work

What occurs in Yoga Nidra

Right here, the identical factor occurs as with regular sleep, however in a managed method. Whenever you begin falling asleep, the brainwaves begin from the lively waves, beta waves (12-35Hz) and shift to relaxed waves, alpha waves (8-12Hz). Then they be part of the bottom frequency waves, delta waves (0.5-3Hz). Then, by means of the observe of Yoga Nidra, you purchase the “hypnagogic state (being awake and sleeping)” the door between alpha and theta waves (3-8Hz). Right here Your physique is relaxed however your thoughts continues to be working. This observe holds us on this state and doesn’t allow us to transcend this stage. If somebody goes forward of this stage, he/she falls asleep.

You may need observed that our thoughts is at all times stuffed with ideas. Consequently, there are literally thousands of ideas roaming in our thoughts each minute. Yoga Nidra merely decreases the variety of ideas in our thoughts for a sure interval. In consequence, this brings a deep sense of consciousness and leisure.

Yoga Nidra is outlined as dynamic sleep that features the incorporation of alfa and delta brainwaves. By means of its observe, your mind acquires a modified state of consciousness, simply.

Our sleep relies upon upon the brainwaves. There are 5 brainwaves that regulate our sleep. These are

  • Gamma Waves (35Hz>)
  • Beta Waves (12-35Hz)
  • Alpha Waves (8-12Hz)
  • Theta Waves (3-8Hz)
  • Delta Waves (0.5-3Hz)

What Occurs in Regular Sleep

Usually, our mind waves are Beta Waves (12-35Hz), after we are awake. Whenever you attempt to sleep, brainwaves shift from high-frequency Beta waves (12-35) to low frequent Alpha waves (8-12Hz). Right here you begin sleeping. Then the brainwaves transfer to Theta Waves (3-8Hz). Right here ideas turn into much less frequent and we get nearer to deep dreaming. After a while, we shift to Delta Waves (0.5-3Hz). Right here you might be in a deep sleep. Consequently, you might be much less prone to get affected by surrounding and it is vitally arduous to wake you now.

Yoga Nidra Scientific Advantages

yoga nidra benefits

Nonetheless, Yoga Nidra shouldn’t be very arduous to carry out, nonetheless, it comes with numerous well being advantages. Listed here are some advantages of Yoga Nidra.

As Yoga Nidra is a deep leisure observe, it relaxes all of the muscle mass of the physique and mind. When the physique is relaxed, it’s not very arduous to go to sleep. Thus it helps to cut back insomnia (hassle in falling and/or staying asleep) and helps you to go to sleep.

In 2017, a research was revealed through which researchers examined the results on two aged volunteers who suffered from sleep issues. After a 4-week yoga nidra intervention, each volunteers skilled a big enchancment in sleep high quality that endured after 3 months.

That is additionally the explanation why Yoga Nidra is commonly really helpful earlier than bedtime to advertise sleep.

Diabetes is principally a metabolic dysfunction, that’s frequent these days, on account of a scarcity of bodily exercise. With the observe of Yoga Nidra, the blood glucose degree, which is a significant factor of diabetes, decreases progressively. Due to this fact is most well-liked to carry out this observe along with the remedy.

  • Reduces Anxiousness and Stress

In our busy lives, we merely get time to calm and loosen up our minds. This causes a whole lot of stress and nervousness in our life.

Yoga Nidra relaxes and calms the thoughts. To calm the thoughts, Yoga Nidra progressively reduces pointless ideas, which causes nervousness and stress.

A research on faculty professors discovered that Yoga Nidra is an efficient software in decreasing each cognitive and physiological signs of hysteria.

One other analysis on college students states Yoga Nidra has a positive impact on life stress and shallowness in college students. It decreases stress and will increase shallowness progressively.

Thus, Yoga Nidra may be very useful in decreasing stress and nervousness, enhancing psychological well being and wellness.

  • Reduces Issues Associated to Menstruation Problems

Menstruation problems are frequent amongst ladies. On this part, they face many psychological issues resembling nervousness, anger, stress, and despair.

Yoga Nidra soothes the thoughts nerves and balances the hormonal disbalance within the physique, which helps in decreasing the issues related to menstrual problems. It’s best to observe this yoga observe along with the remedy. Analysis says Yoga Nidra is a powerful treatment to rectify the issues related to menstrual problems.

  • Helps to Enhance the Qualities of an Adolescent (Rising Child)

Yoga Nidra will increase self-awareness and shallowness. This fills an adolescent with a sense of happiness, positivity, and enthusiasm. It leads to the general well-being of a rising child.

A research reveals, Yoga-Nidra may be very useful in growing numerous facets of adolescent well-being.

  • Helps to Cut back the Results of Trauma

Many people had skilled Trauma (psychological and emotional response to a deeply disturbing occasion), particularly within the army. These experiences depart an sick impact on our thoughts, that lasts for a very long time (typically endlessly). Yoga Nidra soothes the thought course of, relaxes the psychological sensation, and calms the thoughts continuously. This helps to cut back the results of trauma.

Analysis on army fight veterans discovered that Yoga Nidra observe diminished anger, nervousness, and emotional reactivity. Furthermore, it leisure, stillness, self-awareness, and self-efficacy.

One other research on Ladies with sexual Trauma states, Yoga Nidra decreases the post-traumatic stress problems and physique tensions. Moreover, it improves sleep, the flexibility to deal with intrusive ideas and stresses.

  • Improves Coronary heart Fee Variability

 Low Coronary heart Fee Variability will increase the chance of cardiovascular problems and dying, subsequently you will need to keep excessive Coronary heart Fee Variability.

When you’re in a really anxious state the Coronary heart Fee Variability reduces. Whereas Coronary heart Fee Variability will increase as you progress to a relaxed state. Yoga Nidra lets you loosen up and thus, helps to extend Coronary heart Fee Variability.

A research states that Yoga Nidra produces favorable modifications in measures of Coronary heart Fee Variability


By means of a means of profound bodily, emotional, and psychological leisure, the yoga nidra approach helps stop stress and its related circumstances. When completed rigorously and deliberately, this guided meditation is extremely therapeutic.

Yoga Nidra will be therapeutic you probably have a psychological well being problem, undergo from power ache, or just wish to enhance your general well being and well-being.

With a every day yoga nidra observe, you possibly can enhance, modify, or direct your routines and way of life in direction of a larger sense of well-being. It’s potential to realize a excessive degree of calm in a brief interval in case you observe with dedication and consciousness.

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